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Saraghina Eyewear is respect for the sea, love for the sun and beautiful days, happiness, the beach, the color of the summer sky, the taste of salt, endless nights. Saraghina means bringing the Romagna Riviera with you every month of the year.

Saraghina Eyewear glasses are a way of life: light like a kiss between the beach huts, soft like a donut on the beach at dawn, colored like a dance hall, round like life in Romagna, the land of Federico Fellini. Remain true to yourself without renouncing to always be different. This is the meaning of "Eye Am" Saraghina. The collection is full of facets and interpretations, since the identity of Saraghina is expressed precisely in the very multiplicity of her creations so that each of us can find the best image of himself.
The Saraghina have the same DNA as the land they were born in and are destined to wreak havoc in the eyewear world. The unmistakable design and bold color combinations between frames and lenses best express Rimini's seductive and carefree style. Beautiful, fun and well priced eyewear. Saraghina is the fish of the Adriatic by definition, the prince of that blue fish that only the naïve or the fake sophisticated (those that in Romagna we call, respectively, the invorniti and the redone lice) still consider synonymous with miserable or worthless. Instead it is simple, essential, true. In short, stylish, but with a lot of substance.


The brand's unique style also takes shape thanks to the love, care and precision of 100% Made in Italy. All models are produced entirely in Italy by skilled craftsmen who use only top quality materials and components. Over 60 frame colors and 50 types of lenses form a varied kaleidoscope of emotions. Color that ranges from sea blue to sky blue, from sun yellow to sunset red and then changes back into mirrored, double-mirrored, flashed and shaded lenses. All lenses are certified with 100% UVA and UVB protection. The materials, from the super light TR 90 nylon with high resistance to the ultralight metal, give a unique lightness and comfort.
Saraghina eyewear itself expresses its true identity: no longer a mere fashion accessory but an affirmation of one's way of being, of the unique and unrepeatable work of art that each of us is. Saraghina Eyewear was born in 2013 from the intuition of Angelo Di Stefano, one of the Italian reference opticians. Thanks to his long experience in the sector, to the love for the product and for the places where it grew up, combined with a careful analysis of the market and of the particular historical moment, a unique product is born, capable of guaranteeing quality at an ethical price.
Dal 2019, Rombo Srl acquisisce la licenza Esclusiva del famoso marchio con il nome Vasco. Nasce così il brand di occhiali Vasco Rossi Eyewear dedicato a tutti coloro che non amano gli schemi e le definizioni, che sono rock nell’anima, semplicemente se stessi, sempre.

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